Disco Dolls and Positive Thinking



20130121-194704.jpgSo I am a little more than a day late with this one, and for that I apologize. I have a cold, and it has made me a little lazy. This week I experimented texture, using Nicole’s OPI Disco Dolls as a base coat with their silver texture coat on top. The two came as a set that I found on the clearance rack at Target. The two bottles were only $5-7 together and I had never used texture. Disco Dolls is a sparkly orange-gold with lots of flecks to catch the light, while the silver is really just silver. I like the cracks of the texture and the subtly of the two colors together, AND I think that the two of them are too subtle (kinda at the same time). Really it depends on how mature I’m feeling at the moment. The thing is that I work with 6th graders, so maturity is not in high demand on most days. Also, silver nail polish doesn’t exactly scream mature to begin with.

I’m having a little bit of difficulty this week, trying to decide what to talk about. So many interesting, wonderful, exciting things happened, but I seem to be getting stuck in the negative. Saw an amazing play of one of my favorite current stories, done with these incredible puppets of life-sized dragons. I loved every minute of it and took all kinds of pictures. What I keep focusing on, though, are things like the annoying family behind me who were eating and crying and talking throughout the show, or my knee being in pain, or my sister’s complaint that I didn’t invite her. My friend and I waited over a year for the show to come close enough for us to drive to. She bought the tickets on the first day they came out, and we sat in one of the first rows with a fantastic view. The show used, not only the animatronic giant puppets, but also beautiful shadow puppets, and these lit-lantern style boats held up on sticks by actors walking through a laser light effect to look like water. The whole thing was just so totally cool! Why do I get hampered by stupid crap?

Why do we let the teeny-tiny, silly, useless nonsense get in the way of the best moments of our lives? And when will we realize that things will never be perfect?

I met with my principal about his first observation of me as a teacher at a new school. There was this part of me that honestly thought that he was going to rave, be impressed, and just like that, I really would have a whole new life. Surprise, surprise! I’m not perfect. I have things that I need to improve and work I need to do. That is not to say I didn’t do things that he liked or that I suck as a teacher, not at all. But I seem to have this idea in my head that if I’m not perfect at this right out of the gate, it must not be the right place or job or life for me.

And now I’m here, doing a job that I like a whole lot more than I don’t. I have students that I like and who like me. I’m teaching the subject that I love. I have some pretty cool co-teachers who are kind and supportive and amazing. So I’m not going to give this one up. I’m going to try to stay focused on the things that work, and fix the things that don’t. I hope you will too.

Oh! And I tried a different undercoat with that silver texture. I can’t wait to tell you all about it…

Just as soon as I get over this damned cold.

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