Moon Candy and Mental Blocks


20130206-223709.jpgOkay… I’m gonna tell you a little secret. I am not a fan of Revlon nail polish. It’s not really Revlon’s fault, although they could use a reboot like nobodies’ business. Every time I see their old fashion, sad, and tired little bottles I think of my mom’s nail polish basket. My family has always kept our polish collections in baskets, along with remover and cotton rounds, clippers and other supplies. My mom’s was this wicker sewing thing with lid and a little compartment in the top. She had a nice little collection, not the size of mine (mine is a sickness that doctors should really make medication for) but she did had more than ten. The thing was that they were all the same color… each one only a slight variation on that orange-y beige that someone at Revlon thought to call “nude”. No one without a spay tan thinks that that color is nude, but it’s this sedate color that is always so respectable. My mom wore it every time she polished her nails. It was the only color I’ve ever seen on her fingers. I could never wear only one color for the rest of my life, even my favorite color (which is so not that one). My mother loved it, loves it. It is an affront to the hoarder in me, even if that isn’t the healthiest part of my personality.

So every now and again, I look at the Revlon display, and I try to consider the colors. Every time I give up. It’s like a mental block. So it’s kind of a big deal that I’m wearing Their new Moon Candy line. True, the bottles look nothing like the old standards, but still… The bottles are two polishes in one with a base coat on one end and the foil coat on the other. I chose “Satellite” a burgundy base coat with a foil and slight pink sparkle top coat. The effect is interesting, but the foil has a tendency to sink in the bottle and slip off the brush, making it difficult to apply. It required several coats, my nails were so thick that it made for an uneven smoothness that I found distracting and annoying. You also know that with that many coats it was going to be a pain in the butt to get off at the end of the week (and it was, although with it being that thick I could peel it off to some extent. But I always feel that that hurts the nails so I still don’t like it). Lastly, as many coats as I used and the foil was still far lighter than the display photos I’ve seen, and the top coat is almost a third of the way gone while the base coat was barely touched. It’s an interesting look, and perhaps with practice I could become more adept at managing the foil pieces. I want to stay optimistic while realistic.

Then came another down side… the edge of the nails was quick to wear off. It is always so annoying to see that tell-tale white rim on a recently polished nail. I don’t really care that when I polish my nails its messy, with polish on the sides. I can usually rub it off in a day or so that’s easy enough to deal with, but I want them to last at least the week. Cheaper polish lasts longer, and the colors are often times much more fun. I’m just saying.

Yes, I am biased. No one is perfect. But I think that as pretty as it is, there are more cons than pros with this week’s choice.

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