Catching Up

So I’ve been sick and stressed and not writing at all, so I’m trying to play a little catch up. Then maybe I can start over.

20130315-194613.jpg I found a bottle of Disney’s Nightmare Before Christmas nail polish on clearance at Hot Topic. Like Hot Topic’s own bottles,this one is shaped (Gosh I love marketing!). I had to put on a base coat of greenish grey to make it darker. It gave it a tint that was interesting.

20130315-195633.jpgThere are reasons I shouldn’t let others choose my polish for me. To start with I was taking a short break from polish; depression and stress are weird. Anywho, my students noticed, and I let one of them choose the color. She picked light purple. I, being one not to disappoint, looked for the most Barbie color I might have. I started with my fabulous Sinful Colors’ Frenzy and tried out Wet ‘n’ Wild’s Craze, ” We Need to Talk”. It’s a light purple texture coat, but doesn’t really work all that well. The whole effect is very sparkly and the student loved it, so there is that.

20130315-201715.jpg Last but not least: I can’t believe I let Essie fool me again! But the pattern looks so cool. Too many coats needed to cover; magnet only works too, too close so that you pretty much tap the nail and wreck the design anyway. And the design is totally inconsistent! I’ve used other brands of magnetic polish before and while they are far from perfect or easy, they do work better than this! I added the Disney black sparkle to try to cover the major uglies but what ever.

So I’m all caught up! I’m using Sally Hansen’s new Lustre Shine called Copperhead. I was expecting a dual color, but it has a very nice depth. It’s a metallic, rather than a sparkle, and I like it. No pics though and after a week and a half it looks like crap. I’ll pick something fun for next week and try to get that up sooner rather than so far later. TTFN!