52 Weeks of Nails

So it is officially the New Year, all 2 A.M. of it. I just got off work a couple hours ago and I’m watching television, unable to sleep. So I am trying to start one of my resolutions. I have wanted to start writing a blog for some time, but I don’t really know if I can keep it going. I seem to have trouble with follow through.

But I have this one friend, Nicole, who encouraged me to give this a try when I came up with a title that I liked. So I have a title, and I have help when I need it (or at least someone who will kick my tush a little when I start slacking off). Therefore, I am going to give this blog thing a shot… for one year. Now I have no idea if there are rules regarding blogging etiquette or word count or whatnow, but if I offend I hope that you will not be too hard on me. I am figuring that I should start by introducing myself and then moving on to something about what my bright and shiny new blog is all about (well, all about–ish).

Umm… Okay who am I? Sorry, but I’m not really sure how I answer this question, most of the time.

I am an artist. I’m not sure that I have truly found my medium just yet.
I’ve tried:
• painting and pen & ink (mostly abstracts and multimedia stuff)
• jewelry (some nice, some boring, some weird)
• crochet (haven’t really ever gotten past scarves)
• needle point (now that was just sad, really)
• writing (still trying to get the training wheels off of that one)

I love beauty and creating it is wonderful, but I’ve never felt a strong life-long passion for any one style or art. Remember what I said about follow through?

I’m also a teacher, although until my current job I kinda hated it. Well, my first year, teaching high school drama, was pretty fun, but subbing and teaching English was more work than I liked and more stress than I could really handle. Last year had to be the worst of all of them and left me hating myself royal. I thought that I could do nothing right, and my friends were pretty worried about me. This year has really turned around. I’m at a new school, back to teaching Drama, and teaching a younger grade that I love. I am very grateful for the change and truly hope that it continues.

What else am I again? Well, I’m addicted to television and my two cats. Oh, and my nails! I didn’t always have them, well not this long and healthy. At the age where most other women are complaining about crow’s feet and grey hairs, wearing acrylics with perfect fake half-moons; I have none of those things, and I have better nails than I’ve had in my whole life. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not hot or anything. I’ve just dyed my hair so many times that grey hairs are afraid of me. I’m overweight so that fills in all the lines on my face. The nails are all me though, and when rest of you life sucks beyond belief and then gets better (but might get sucky again at any moment) or you lose 70 pounds only to gain at least 50 back after one year or eHarmony tells you that there are no men on the planet who would be compatible with you twice… these are the times when you are thrilled to have new nail polish. Nails do not care if you gain weight, if anything they like the extra calories. Nails don’t mind if you never have a plus one to take with you to parties or you can never figure out how to start conversations with strangers. In fact most people cannot keep up with the crazy going on in your head. Nails will forgive you if you just add a little Nailtek to your day. If you polish them with something blue or green or really anything in the mermaid family, people will notice and compliment you, even if you don’t polish them all that well.

Nails will not show you pictures of abused animals and beg you to send them money each month. They won’t make you feel bad when you cut them shorter so that it is easier for you to type. They won’t talk you to death about fiscal cliffs, or hiring freezes. The worst that they come up with are flaking and breaking, and the thing to remember is that they will always grow back, usually within two weeks.

Now that brings me to my newest project. Here is how my new blog is going to work. Each week I will upload a new photo of my nails for that week. I will list where I got it and for how much, if I know, and I will include what I liked or didn’t like about the polish. From there I will add nonsense about what’s going on in my world and my life. If you like it tell people. If not “Think we are but shadows here…” and feel free to move along home.

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